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About techno-monastic

Welcome to the Techno-Monastic Mailing List!

Short version: This mailing list is about social-technological
phronesis and community informed by monastic practices, methods
and insights.

Longer version:
This is a mailing list for those who have an interest in certain
aspects of the monastic life style, but who have no use for
religious dogma or confessional demands. I thought about calling
this forum Secular Monastics or a secular monastery[1], but I
don't want to exclude non-religious spirituality. So the topic
domain of this forum is both secular and spiritual. More
specifically: If some of the following concepts, descriptions or
images appeal to or interest you:

  • The balance between individual and community, individualism
    and cooperation/fellowship, in a monastery. Can other types
    of communities, collectives or creative groups be
    organized in a similar fashion, or learn organizational
    lifestyle skills from monasteries and monastics?

  • The dedication to self-development -- psychologically,
    spiritually, socially and artistically/creatively. How to
    achieve the peculiar mix of self-discipline and spontaneity,
    independence and friendliness, clarity and compassion, that
    seems to be the hallmark of many monastics, and a result of
    the monastic lifestyle?

  • The slow and deliberate process of immersion into ever
    deepening knowledge and study, into a quiet inner space that
    stimulates decluttering the mind, allowing for the emergence
    of new insights about self and the world. How to achieve
    periods and moments of such tranquility, clarity and insight
    in the modern, hectic life in the 21st century?

  • The social knowledge and skills that develop in a trust-based
    community rooted in shared values, principles and passions,
    and its healing effects. How to achieve this social learning
    and personal growth, and build, practice and expand
    trust-based social relationships, also on a cultural level
    and political scale?

  • The practical and technological aspects of such a community.
    How to create, develop, maintain and grow modern,
    monastic-inspired, ecovillage type[2] communities or groups?

  • A broad scope of interests and insights. You wouldn't find
    it odd for someone to use the words "artificial intelligence",
    "buddha nature", "open source" and "ambient soundscape" in
    the same sentence.

  • "Open Source Spirituality/Religion"[3] may sound like an
    interesting concept or aspiration to you.

  • If you like science fiction, and watched Babylon 5, you
    may have wanted to have a movie or TV-series all about the
    technomages[4]. Or maybe you wanted to BE a technomage! :-)

-- then chances are that this forum may be of interest to you.

Ordinary rules of civility apply and will if necessary be enforced
by list admin.






oh, and maybe also

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