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A few general considerations might be pertinent here:

* Weather. Short term. This winter. If things get so dire that you 
are not guaranteed lodgings, most of Canada --everything not 
Vancouver, really-- is too cold. But check the forecasts for what 
this winter will be like.

* Recession. Will the economy improve or sink deeper? It seems the 
Fed are preparing the $$$ press, which will kinda give a good 
"pee-in-the pants" relief, with more jobs for a while -- before it 
all goes even gloomier. But it will get you nicely through the winter 
with jobs.

* Transport. Hitch-hiking is free. If you choose this option, 
consider what kind of an appearance will most likely get you a good 
chance of a hike. (No pink miniskirts for you, I'm afraid!) If you 
look like non-threatening and interesting company, that's good. LOOK 
the gift of the gab, and speak to the driver's interests.

* Long-term, you require a plan, which brings you back to what Dan 
said: the details of you, what you want, what you can do, etc.

At 19:08 -0400 15-10-10, Emeka Nweze wrote:
>Daniel Davis wrote: If you give us more information, your desires, goals,
>line of work, current
>situation, etc., you could get more useful feedback. Where do you wish to
>what do you wish to do, etc?
>Sure. My initial goals involved getting a college degree, running for public
>office in my country (best paying job in the world) and marrying at least
>five women. You know. A simple life.
>As it is my curiosity got the better of my fixed ideas and I found
>anarcho-syndicalism. Well. that proved to be complete religious
>horse-manure. So my curiosity led me to Spinoza, Stirner Sidney Parker, etc
>My current desire is not starving viz. finding employment. My current
>situation is so dire, description of such would depress you guys. I desire
>selfish egoistic advice, not hand wringing.
>In regards to line of work, I think I am good with words. Anything that
>involves syntax, or writing, appeals to me.
>If anyone is curious about my writing abilities I can email the novella that
>secured my admission into the Master of Digital Media program at the Center
>for Digital Media in Vancouver this year. I could not obtain a loan for the
>tuition so I voluntarily gave up my seat.
>Yeah, Vancouver would have been cool. Don't think I can walk that far
>though. :)
>On Wed, Oct 13, 2010 at 9:48 PM, Daniel Davis <buybuydandavis at>wrote:
>>  Why do you only have two weeks? Is it a legal issue, or a financial one?
>>  If it is legal green card/visa/work permit issue, the country has millions
>>  of
>>  illegal immigrants. No reason you can't be one of them.
>>  Wouldn't you be equally illegal in Canada?
>>  Where are you in the US?
>>  If you give us more information, your desires, goals, line of work, current
>>  situation, etc., you could get more useful feedback. Where do you wish to
>>  live,
>>  what do you wish to do, etc?
>>  Canada or Nigeria?
>>  I'm guessing you came here because you wanted to be here, and not in
>>  Nigeria. On
>>  the limited information, I'd suggest sticking it out here, because getting
>>  deported back to Nigeria will always be an option, won't it?
>>  Although I wouldn't even know about that - we aren't too efficient on the
>>  illegal immigration front, and deporting you just may not be a priority,
>>  even if
>>  you walked into an immigration office with a sign saying you are in the
>>  country
>>  illegally.
>>  - Dan Davis
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>>  > Subject: Canada or Nigeria?
>>  >
>>  > Hey guys.  I could use some selfish advice. I asked a non-serviam member
>>   and
>>  > he suggested I pose the question to other members which I am doing  now.
>>  > My chances of surviving in the U.S are nil. I have about two  weeks.
>>  >
>>  > My inability to rent myself out in this recession leaves me with  no
>>  options.
>>  >
>>  > Even the dead end jobs I usually use to support myself are  not
>>  forthcoming.
>>  >
>>  > I can either turn myself in to be deported back to  Nigeria (my country
>>  of
>>  > birth) or I can try and sneak into Canada.
>>  >
>>  > I do  not have any friends in either Nigeria or Canada.
>>  > Taking into account what I  am (a conscious egoist) what advice could you
>>  > give me?
>>  >
>>  > Canada or  Nigeria?
>>  >
>>  > I apologize for putting you in this position.
>>  >
>>  > I'd  appreciate your input on this. I need to make a decision by  Friday.
>>  >
>>  > Thanks,
>>  >
>>  > Vee.
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