Canada or Nigeria?

Emeka Nweze enweze at
Thu Oct 14 02:02:48 CEST 2010

Hey guys.  I could use some selfish advice. I asked a non-serviam member and
he suggested I pose the question to other members which I am doing now.
My chances of surviving in the U.S are nil. I have about two weeks.

My inability to rent myself out in this recession leaves me with no options.

Even the dead end jobs I usually use to support myself are not forthcoming.

I can either turn myself in to be deported back to Nigeria (my country of
birth) or I can try and sneak into Canada.

I do not have any friends in either Nigeria or Canada.
Taking into account what I am (a conscious egoist) what advice could you
give me?

Canada or Nigeria?

I apologize for putting you in this position.

I'd appreciate your input on this. I need to make a decision by Friday.



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