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At 22:21 -0500 12-10-10, Carmen Clark wrote:
>Gays get disgruntled with it because he refers to
>homosexuality as a form of mental illness, but of course you might
>argue with your natural morality that you won't get much offspring and
>extension or perhaps refinement/evolution of the species with
>homosexual behavior.

I've always wondered why "natural" morality requires such vast 
amounts of arguing to capture a following. As for "nature selecting 
away homosexuality", it has not happened -- except in moralist 

Interesting arguments re innate values / egoism / morality, btw. 
With Stirner, the term "egoist" was first and foremost a rhetorical 
device. It was used against the moralities that Reason had supposedly 
identified as innate to our natures - showing that these supposedly 
innate values were really nothing but chimeras since they were rather 
obviously not so innate to those not having those values; not innate 
to the "egoists" outside of society.

Speaking of which: Our new member Emeka who started this thread is 
outside of society in a more concrete manner these days. Coming from 
the land of Nigerian princes sending emails where they promise giving 
away their entire fortune for a mere 100$ and your bank account 
number, he's not quite on top of the social pecking order or list of 
desired workers in the workforce. So he needs some tips and advice 
for leaving or living in the US.

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