Ego, self-overcoming & "I will not serve"

Svein Olav Nyberg ego at
Thu Nov 5 13:48:26 CET 2009

At 18:48 -0700 31/8/09, Daniel Davis wrote:
>"I will not serve" doesn't really express what I am about, what 
>egoism is about, or what Stirner is about, and is too easily 
>mistaken for something we are expressly against.

The origin is from the Abrahamic mythology, as Satan's insurrection - 
an insurrection of refusing to be ordered to put others above self - 
be it by God, morality or other more visibly internal mental diseases.

I have to my dismay later found a source in muslim theology: Satan 
refused to serve Adam because he wanted to serve God (Allah) only, 
and therefore uttered "I will not serve" specifically in reference to 

So I *am* considering a name change? Suggestions are welcome. My 
favourite so far is "i" (just a lower-case i), both for the obvious 
reason, and as a mathematical pun on Sid Parker's magazine "-1".

Svein Olav Nyberg

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